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Monday, June 25, 2012

In need of a one of a kind Ergonomic Pen? UGLeePen to the rescue! Review and a Giveaway - US only ends July 14, 2012

ugly pen logo

Dr. Lee's Story (from their website)

As a medical student, I wrote volumes in terms of notes. In medicine, medical notes are all hand written. I averaged 20 full pages of hand written notes a day... day in and day out for years.

You can imagine how my hand kept cramping up! I spent a lot of time and money looking for a comfortable pen. After trying what I believe to be every pen out there, I failed painfully to find even one!

I was frustrated because most pens were not designed for comfort at all. The few that were listed as "comfort pen" were obviously mislabeled.

I was determined to create my own pen - one that would meet my expectations of comfort. Since then, I have spent over eight years to create the first truly comfortable pen. The pursuit of pen comfort became a hobby... no, an obsession during this eight year period. I dedicated an inordinate amount of my own time and resources in this endeavor.

Luckily, I am blessed with an extremely patient and understanding wife - our garage is full of various machinery, pen prototypes, and pen materials collected over the years!

My drive to create the ultimate comfort pen led me to go as far as to study the structure of the human hand using X-ray and researching the attachment and function of hand muscles to design the perfect grip.

The result is the UGLee Pen. A pen that is not only the most comfortable pen, but is physician designed to be the most comfortable ergonomic pen around.


I was sent a pack of 3 green UGLee pens; don't worry, the ink is blue!  For about 3 months now, I've been noticing some discomfort in my right wrist.  I pretty much blow it off, but that's another story! I felt that I would be a perfect candidate for reviewing these pens.  Before I received them, I headed over to their website to read up on 'The World's Most Comfortable Ergonomic Pen'.  The UGLee Pen is made for everybody, including kids; something I never did think of! Kids are at risk for repetitive stress injury and the UGLee Pen helps prevent future hand problems. You certainly don't have to have arthritis or carpal tunnel to benefit from an ergonomic pen.  Not that I've noticed pens having ever been heavy to me but, this pen only weighs 11 grams, less than 1/2 an ounce; it's super light and you can really tell a difference in the weight of this pen versus your normal pen; less inertia, more comfort!

I was in the process of writing up my grocery list when the pens arrived; good timing, huh!  I don't know about any of you but, when I write, I grip the writing utensil so hard that my hand almost immediately starts to cramp up and I have that unsightly dent on the side of my middle finger.  I just don't seem to know how to relax my hand when writing.  I've used many pens with the so called cushion grip but NONE of them even came close to the soft gel grip of the UGLee Pen.  This soft gel comfort pen is more than just amazing; I noticed the pen sat comfortably in my hand causing me to not grip the life out of it.  This statement, taken from their website, couldn't be more true... 'you don't have to grip this material; it grips you'!

Now I'd like to talk about the ink.  The website claims 'The UGLee Pen is mated with the smoothest ink system  known; smoother than any roller ball, gel ink, or fountain ink pen'.  Well, let me tell you that once again, the statement couldn't be more true!  While writing, the pen just glided across the paper with such ease.  There is no better way to explain it other than saying, it's like the pen is doing the writing and your hand is just helping to guide it along; weird, I know! I know this doesn't happen with all ink pens, but you know how some pens will leave a small ink blot on the paper...I really do not like that and I'm sure you don't either!  I did not experience that happening with the UGLee Pen.

The UGLee Pen comes in a variety of case colors (such as pink, red, blue, green ect.) and the basic black, blue, and red ink colors.  A pack of 3 pens will cost you $19.99; that price is rather high BUT, if you are one that uses writing utensils quite a bit, then this is one of those times that you will want to invest in a superb pen like this.  A 10 pack of ultra smooth ink cartridges will run you about $15.

Where to buy:  You can purchase a pack of UGLee pens and ink cartridges directly from their website here.

How to connect:  You can connect with UGLee on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the generosity from the people over at UGLeePen, one lucky US reader will win a pack of 3 pens in a random color.  These pens are wonderful and you will be amazed!  Giveaway will end on July 14, 2012.  Good Luck!!

he UGLee Pen is mated with the smoothest ink system known, smoother than any roller ball, gel ink, or fountain ink pen.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

We should all have that one special clutch! Alicia Klein Tangerine Envelope Clutch Review and Giveaway US/CAN ends July 9, 2012

Earlier, I did a review on the Taxi Wallet by Alicia Klein; you can read that review here.  Now, I'll like to introduce you to a beautiful Tangerine Envelope Clutch from Alicia Klein.  

The envelope clutch is made of a soft, pebbled cowhide that is so supple  and soft to the touch.  The tangerine color is bright but not too bright, bold and makes a statement with any outfit you choose to wear.  I've said this many times  and will probably say it many more but, I'm more of a neutral kinda girl when it comes to my wardrobe.  I'm actually terrified of wearing bold summery colors so I tend to stick with what I'm comfortable with.  To the left, I was wearing a gray shirt, you can read the review here, and the clutch added a beautiful burst of color to liven up the outfit and the mood!  Bold colors tend to make me feel awake and happy-er; the envelope clutch did a great job of doing both!

The inside of the clutch is made of contrasting ultrasuede that feels just as good as it looks.  The inside is roomy enough for your essentials.  I was able to include my phone, car keys, lipgloss and lipbalm with some room for a few more things.  I kept my cash and credit cards in the inside compartment for safe keeping.  Included with the clutch is an adjustable matching leather strap that can easily be removed or worn cross-body style.

The outside of the bag is roomy enough to carry some extra goodies.  I, personally, didn't find the need for the extra room since I just took the bare necessities with me, but you my beg to differ!  

I will be the first one to say that I have never been fond of small handbags or clutches.  I do have to say that this clutch is gorgeous, the color is out of this world and I actually enjoyed carrying it a lot more than my oversized handbag.  When going out for the night, a clutch just seems like the logical choice.  This clutch is superbly made and you can definitely tell it is a high quality clutch; with the Alicia Klein name and a $135 price tag, I wouldn't expect any less!  The Envelope Clutch comes in Licorice, Toffee, Plum, Apple Red, Tangerine and Winter White.

Here are some of the other handbags Alicia Klein offers

Where to buy:  You can purchase this clutch and their other handbags right from the Alicia Klein website here. 

How to connect:  You can connect with Alicia Klein on Facebook, Twitter.

Oh yea, it's giveaway time!! Thanks to the wonder people of Alicia Klein, one of my readers is going to win the same clutch I reviewed. This giveaway will be open to the US and Canada and will end on July 9, 2012. Good luck everyone!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Looking for fashionable plus size clothing? Check out! - Review and a Giveaway Open to the US/CAN ends on July 12, 2012

Now days it's so much easier to find stylish and gorgeous clothing for plus size girls, like myself.  Thanks to Alight's online store, you will find a vast assortment of plus size clothing ranging in sizes 12-34; you are sure to find that perfect outfit no matter what size you are!  When you are comfortable in your own skin, the clothes are just an added bonus of beauty.

Alight sent me a super cute gray top.  This top has some stretch, which I love.  I like for all of my shirts to have some sort of stretch, for comfort.  To be honest, this top was super long so I wasn't really sure if it was a top or a dress.  If it's a dress, it would be a little too short for my liking.  As you can see in the picture, I scrunched it up at the bottom and added a belt to break up the solid color.  I certainly don't pretend to be a stylist, but I think I did a darn good job!  The top is really comfortable and looks great with a pair of dark rinse jeans.  When I wore this top, I carried a tangerine colored clutch bag (review for that clutch coming up later).  I like the added cotton collar neckline; it adds a nice touch.

Alight's online store if very easy to navigate.  There are many different ways to shop their selection of clothing.  You can shop by category, brand, boutique, size, and event.  There is also a search box at the upper right hand corner.  If you are specifically looking for tank tops, just type in the words 'tank tops' and a whole selection will be revealed.   What gives me peace of mind when shopping at Alight is that they are a secured, verified website.  While you are browsing, should you need help or have any questions, you can contact their live help for support!


Alight offers just about everything you could possibly be looking for; plus size dresses, knit tops, cotton tops, skirts, shorts, jeans, activewear and even accessories and jewelry.  They also carry a wide variety of brands such as Angels, Blue Plate, and Pink Apple.

As I was scrolling through their website I came across so many items that I must have!  I don't know how I will afford EVERYTHING I want to buy but, hey, you only live once!

Where to buy:  So you ask, where the heck do I go to check out their clothes?!  Just visit Alight here to make a purchase.

How to connect:  You can connect with on Facebook and Twitter.

Yay, it's time for a giveaway!  Thanks to the wonderful people at Alight, one lucky US or Canadian resident will win a garment of their own (Alight will choose the garment).  This giveaway will end on July 12, 2012.  Good luck to all!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

ChildUp Learning Game Cards for you Toddler! Review and Giveaway - Open worldwide ends July 11, 2012


About ChildUp (from their website)

Since 2005, the ChildUp Team of early childhood development experts and dedicated parents is providing information and developing solutions and tools for parents who intend to raise successful, balanced, and happy children.

The ChildUp program is based on decades of practical positive parenting experience in real life situations and families, backed up by leading worldwide scientific research in early education from the past 10 years.

ChildUp offers a series of efficient solutions and tools in matter of parenting, early childhood development, and early learning: the ChildUp Online ParentingCourses, the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards, the ChildUp Early Learning Applications, and the ChildUp Early Learning Method.

Parenting and children education being not exact science, nothing is more valuable than experience in those domains.

Anything to help my 2 year old get a head start is always a plus; it's so important to any child's development and future education.

ChildUp sent me 2 packs of learning cards. The first set of the Early Learning Method cards, Math & Logic #1, teaches your child to count to 10.  This set teaches your child (ages 1-5) to count from 0 to 10, teaches numbers as quantities and symbols and the first steps with addition.  These cards help to develop math and logic skills, learning and cognitive skills, listening and memory skills, attention and concentration skills, and language and social skills.  The set includes 64 cards (16 parent's cards + 48 child's cards).  The parent's cards give you samples of different ways to help you teach your child, such as 'When To Learn To Count', 'The Father's Impact' and 'Counting Anything, Anywhere, Anytime'.

The cards have pictures of animals both on the front and back.  

The second pack of cards I received from ChildUP, Math & Logic #2, teaches your child to count to 20.  This particular set teaches them number 10-20, odd and even numbers, first additions and subtractions, and categorizing, sorting, and comparing.  This set also includes 64 cards (16 parent's cards + 48 child's cards).

I worked with baby C for about a 1 1/2 months.  I worked with her just about everyday.  There were several days that she just was not interested...but hey, what can you expect from a 2 year old?!  It was a little hard to work with her since she would have preferred to play with the cards!

I'm so in love with the idea of teaching my 2 year how to count to 20 but she just wasn't as cooperative as I would've liked.  Her older sister actually got her to sit still and actually learn some of the numbers.  I was thrilled that sissy was willing to sit with her...being that she's 14 and the cell phone and texting is her life!

I can hardly wait until baby C is a little bit older and will really sit with me long enough to really learn.  I just can't express how important early learning is!

Where to buy:  You can purchase these sets or if you have a iPhone or iPad, you can purchase their Early Learning Mobile Apps directly from their website here

How to connect:  You can connect with ChildUp on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube.

Thanks to the generosity of ChildUP, one of my lucky readers will win both sets (the same sets I reviewed).  This contest is open to everyone and will end on July 11, 2012.

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Have You Heard Of The PursePlus Touch? Review and a Giveaway US only ends July 8, 2012


Charm14 / USA Margins is a privately owned company based out of Stony Point, NY with over 140+ active sales reps covering every state of the USA.  They offer products from cell phone charms to phone wallets.  Today, I would like to introduce to you the PursePlus Touch.

So, If you haven't heard of the The PursePlus Touch yet, then you might want to keep reading to find out what you've been missing out on! The PursePlus Touch is a small cross-body purse that holds your iPhone or any other touchscreen phone.  What's neat about it is that you can operate the phone right through the clear window without ever having to take it out.  How many times have you gone to, say, your child's sporting event and you just didn't want to have to lug your purse around?  Me, I love a huge handbag but there are definitely times where I need something that will only carry the basics, that's where the PursePlus Touch takes care of that!

In case you don't want to carry your smartphone in the back, you can easily carry it in the front flap which will fit all phones regardless of the size!  If you happen to be a smoker, the front flap could also hold your cigarettes. 

Unzip the bag to find two side pockets.  One side will hold your credit cards, gift cards any other type of card you carry.  The other pocket can be used to hold your cash.  You could also carry a small camera in this bag!  There is also an elastic holder for your lipstick, lipgloss or even a lipbalm.

The bag can either be worn around the waist or can be worn cross-body style.  This is achievable with the 60" adjustable strap.  You can also remove the straps and wear the PursePlus Touch as a wristlet.  As you can see from the 3rd picture above, it's not a bulky bag; it's very easy to handle and carry around.  My daughter loves the PursePlus Touch and can't wait until school starts back up so she can take it with her!  This bag is perfect for anyone one the go; it would even be PERFECT to carry while on vacation or even when the local carnival, fair, or circus comes to town!  

Where to buy:  You can purchase the PursePlus Touch from Charm14 HERE.

How to connect:  You can connect with Charm14 on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google Plus.

One lucky reader from the US will win their very own PursePlus Touch in their choice of pattern!  This giveaway will end on July 8, 2012.  Good luck to all!

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