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Monday, October 31, 2011

Chunky Bling Review and Giveaway

I recently had the opportunity to review an elegant Swarovski Ring.  I was so excited when I came across this company! offers a wide variety of gorgeous jewelry, such as beaded bracelets and beaded watches, with a seriously low price tag.

What are Swarovski crystals, you ask?

Swarovski crystals are widely regarded as the highest quality crystal beads in the world.  The Swarovski company uses a special compound in its glass which creates maximum surface luster (i.e. sparkle) and allows for a delicate palette of crystal colors.  Using 3D computer simulations, they optimize each crystal design, positioning of the hundreds of facets to create maximum light reflection.  And their precision cutting machinery allows for perfect facet juncture cuts-meaning each facet juncture meets at precisely the same point.

 What are Swarovski pearls, you ask?

Swarovski pearls are exquisitely crafted using a heart of the finest Austrian crystal which has been finished with layers of highly luminous pearlescent coating.  The crystal core and evenly applied coating give these Swarovski pearls a balance, luminosity, and luster similar to that of real pearls.  To the touch, Swarovski pearls provide the same sensual experience valued by pearl enthusiasts.  And like natural pearls, Swarovski pearls adjust to the temperature of the skin.  Swarovski pearls are more durable than natural pearls.  They are abrasion proof and resistant to UV light, scratches, perspiration, and perfume.  They will not be damaged by washing or dry cleaning.

Now onto my review...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Texas Take Review and Giveaway

Texas Take is an Etsy shop that sells gorgeous 'chunky' jewelry.  Amber, the owner, is a freelance writer and magazine editor who enjoys making jewelry in her spare time.  She also has a killer thing for turquoise and chunky necklaces, which is no longer a secret with the launch of her Etsy shop!

PASTEL RODEO: Chunky turquoise and pastel pearl & crystal necklace with extra large, magnetic turquoise cross pendant 

Turquoise and chunky go so beautifully together, don't they?!  I Just love this Pastel Rodeo Chunky necklace. I just can't express enough how much I love anything turquoise. The necklace you see, to the left, has lots of turquoise and bling.  Adding bling just makes the necklace that much more gorgeous.

RIDE 'EM COWGIRL: Rodeo cowgirl magnetic cross pendant on leather cord necklace RIDE 'EM COWGIRL: Rodeo cowgirl magnetic cross pendant on leather cord necklace
If you're into the rodeo, as most of us Texans are, then you are going to LOVE the Ride 'Em Cowgirl necklace.  I love the combination of the black and silver together.  I just love the design on the cross and of course I love the added bling!

Now onto my review....
TURQUOISE RODEO: Cowgirl necklace with turquoise stones, worn short OR long
Friday, October 28, 2011

Bling Time Accessories Review and Giveaway

As I was browsing on the internet, I came across Bling Time Accessories.  Bling Time Accessories is a super cute shop that has inter-changeable necklaces and watches.  They also have bag bling, boot bling, bracelets, earrings,  key chainscollege accessories, and much more.

Turquoise and Silver Beaded Boot Bling - Jewelry Accent to your Boots - Boot JewelryAntique Gold and Brown Bag BlingBeaded pink white pearl and silver inter-changeable watch

Stretchy Turquoise and Silver Chunky Beaded Bracelet with Brown Ribbon

I love the boot bling, how cute is that?!  I just love inter-changeable jewelry as it gives you the freedom to mix and match so you always have the right color combination to match any outfit.  All of Bling Time Accessories pieces are super reasonably priced,  like this super cute bracelet pictured to the left.  I just love anything with turquoise in it!  She puts a lot of hard work into her pieces and it really shows.  If you love bling, you will love Bling Time Accessories!

A little about Annelise and Bling Time Accessories (This article was not written by me)

In the case of Bling Time Accessories, it started with Annelise Brown and in little over a year has grown to over 40 employees and a healthy bottom line.  Like herself, many of her employees are stay-at-home moms looking to earn extra income for their families. However in this struggling economy, some employees are also unemployed baby boomers trying to stay afloat and high school kids grateful to earn money around their studies.

Even Annelise is surprised by the growth. She’s always loved to create, only this time her creation has taken on a life of its own.  “When I took my jewelry to my first craft show, I was surprised how popular it was. We nearly sold out. These women bought nearly everything I had,” explains Annelise.
Her jewelry is beautiful, but it’s the unique, patent-pending design that really makes it different. A single necklace can be worn as a bracelet, belt or even as boot bling. She’s also added watches and bag bling to the line – each piece unique and each interchangeable. The jewelry allows women to be creative in their own way with a little style from Annelise.
Annelise understands the desire to be creative and stylish in your own way. It’s the passion to create that gives Annelise the greatest satisfaction. That and a business that frees her to spend time with her four boys and husband. A perk Annelise passes on to her employees.
With 14 craft shows a year across the country, two kiosks in Sandy, UT and Des Moines, Iowa, plus several daily orders from Bling Time’s website and Etsy shop – there’s a lot of demand to fill. And a lot of opportunity for others. Annelise Brown is a creative force to be reckoned with and judging by her success, America needs more like her.

Now onto my review....
Thursday, October 27, 2011 Review is a GREAT website to purchase cases for your glasses, sunglasses, and contacts lenses, too.  I was sent several cases to review and boy was it excited to open the box and find various cases enclosed.  I wear glasses, sunglasses and contacts so having a cute little case to carry them in is super cool.  I really never cared about the free contact lens or eyeglass cases, that you get at the eye doctor, until I laid my eyes upon these beauties!

When the package arrived and I opened it, my 2 oldest girls went nuts!  My 13 year old, beauty, wears glasses and contacts.  She was so thrilled at the selection and she couldn't wait to put her glasses in her new case.  My 10 year old, beauty, was a little sad since she doesn't wear glasses or contacts (lol).  She kept one she said, "I can put my lipgloss in there!"

First up is the IP 737 Savanna Tote.  From their website:  Savanna tote is a lightweight tote created in a beautifully textured woven straw finished with leatherette details featuring 2 silk lined interior pockets with magnetic closure.  Tote fits 1 or 2 pairs of frames as well as all your daily essentials.  The Savanna Tote comes in 3 colors: blue, tan, and brown and costs only 8.95.

I was able fit, comfortably, my sunglasses, keys, and lipgloss.  This mini tote is SO cute, isn't it?!! 

Next up is the AS12TG HandBag Case Polka Dots & Bow. I received, both, the black and purple.

The AS12TG Small Dots is a handbag case that has classica appeal. Created with a small polka dot pattern, complimented with a small bow and and matching handles, line with plush styrene.  The Polka Dots & Bow handbag case comes in 3 colors: black, pink, and purple and costs only 9.95.

See what I'm saying, these aren't your 'average' eyeglass cases!  I love the the handles, and the cute little bow adds that special little touch.

Next, I received the AS179 Stained Glass Sunglass Case.  This sunglass case is classy and trendy looking.  It will definitely hold those large and lovely sunglasses some of us love to wear!  The Stained Glass Sunglass Case is available in pink and only costs 8.75.

I, also, received the B22 Lulu Eyeglass Bag.  It comes in pink or green and the cost is only 7.95.  I chose the green to review. The B22 Lulu is an eyeglass handbag featuring unison handles, light contrasting stitching, patent leather sides and rich felt lining for better protection.

This is the eyeglass handbag that my sweet baby girl chose to carry her lipgloss in!  So cute!  I hated to give it up, but shhhh she doesn't know that...anything to make her smile!

Last, but certainly not least, is the AS12TG Stars Hand Bag Eyeglass Case.  This clam shell eyeglass hand bag features a diamond padding texture, gorgeous shiny stars design and a felt lining inside.  These are available in black, pink, and white and only cost 10.75.  I received the black.

This is the eyeglass case that my 13 year old snatched up first.  So fitting for her since she is a shining star!

My overall impression of is 100% positive.  These cases are super cute and target the youngest of eyeglass/sunglass/contact wearers to the oldest.  I'm still young at heart so these cases fit me and my personality perfectly.  They carry a huge variety of cases and also carry cleaning accessories.

If you're tired of those boring, same ol' same ol' eyeglass/sunglass or contact lens case, that are given at your local eye doctor, then you need to head on over the and find something that screams out at you!  Their prices are awesome!  

Thanks to, my LUCKY readers are going to receive a 15% off coupon!  When you checkout, just use coupon code 'simple15' to receive 15% off of your total order. 

Many thanks to Jem and for sending me these awesome products to review and for offering my readers a 15% off coupon! This is valid in the U.S. only.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid monetarily for this review.  I was given the mentioned item(s) to review and all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Monday, October 24, 2011

Woot, Woot, it's Monday!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  As for me, I did NOTHING and loved every minute of it.  Just enjoyed some much needed time with my 3 girls and my momma doing what we love to do best...SHOP!  Ahhh to be a kid again, no worries, no stress, just lots of fun, fun, fun!

I'm super excited as I will, soon, be doing book reviews.  So make sure you tune in for that.  Also, I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I will be having several more giveaways coming up from some fabulous companies!  I also have a couple of reviews coming up that I'm super excited about as well.  These companies have been wonderful and so generous in allowing me to review and/or give away their products.  So, please stay tuned for those as well.

Another thing I'm super excited about is Halloween!  I love the costumes and the candy (especially the candy, lol) and just...well, everything about it.  I love watching the scary movies, that is, the older ones.  I just can't stand these movies they make now.  There is way too much gore and it's just not necessary to make the movie scary.  My all time favorite would have to be Halloween 1,2,3,4..10, 15, heck there are a lot of 'em lol.  That movie is just creeeeepy and that music, oh my goodness that music.  So simple, yet so SCARY! It's a shame that Halloween falls on a Sunday, this year..poor kiddos won't get to eat as much candy as they'd like too..oh well hehe.

Till next time...have a fabulous week!!
Friday, October 21, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

I'm so excited to have won this award!  This award spotlights up and coming bloggers (who generally have less than 200 followers).

I would like to thank Lunar Ale for passing on this award onto me.  Go check out her blog, when you get the time!

Now it is my turn to pass this award on and spotlight 5 great up and coming blogs:
  1. Skylar Magazine
  2. My Wild Crazy Life
  3. The Twerp and I
  4. Everyday Life
  5. Lifes Wonderful moments

Upon receipt of the Liebster Award, there are a few very simple rules:
  1. Copy and paste the award on your blog
  2. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you
  3. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
  4. Hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers

H&K Handbags Review and Giveaway ~CLOSED~

H&K handbags are just that, unique!  I came across this delightful Etsy shop and couldn't take my eyes off of their products.  They offer handbags, coin purses, wristlets, messenger bags, clutches, and utility and diaper bags.  Everything in their shop is hand made!  

The company was founded by Hunnelle Trenery and Kari Furner, a mother and daughter team.  They are located in Honolulu, Hawaii (how cool!).

It is very clear that they pay attention to detail, as you will see below.

Hunnelle was very gracious in sending me a handbag (of my choice) to review.  I had such a hard time deciding on the one I wanted to review.  Believe me, they are ALL gorgeous.

Now for the review...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nature's Beauty: Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes all we have to do is appreciate and cherish the little things in life!  I took this picture, a while back, when were blessed with some much needed rain.  The sky looks amazing!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christina Greene Review

Turquoise and Gold Teardrop
With a love for creative and unique designs, Christina Greene has always loved turning her ideas into reality. As a young girl, you could find Christina playing dress up in her mother's jewelry or making her own friendship bracelets to share with her friends. During high school, her love and passion for jewelry making only grew as she developed her skills through an art class dedicated to jewelry.

A love for travel has educated Christina beyond her college level of education. While traveling in Africa, Christina experienced many different lifestyles where she spent majority of her time developing her photography skills and gaining inspiration for her future jewelry line. A recent trip to Belize inspired her new Belizean Sea Collection!

One to always live life by its fullest, Christina launched her own brand in April of 2011 - Christina Greene - a unique one of kind handmade collection made of semi-precious stones and gold tone findings.
Christina Greene lives in Houston, TX where she develops and hand makes all her designs in her apartment.

The Christina Greene collection has grown from her initial love of vintage to her own full-blown jewelry line. Still incorporating some vintage pieces through her Vintage Designs line, Christina has taken what she loves about vintage and turned it into what you see before you now. Constantly creating and coming up with new items to share with you, Christina Greene designs is sure to have something to meet your own creative taste.

You can find the Christina Greene collection in a Houston boutique - Haut Chocolat - or on the Christina Greene website.
After recently being accepted to Parsons: The New School of Design, Christina will gain an Associates in Applied Science Fashion Marketing degree to help with her future plans of Christina Greene. She plans and strives for her line to be carried in boutiques nationwide and eventually large department stores. As a recent graduate from TCU and horned frog fan, she knows the importance of a game day outfit. In August of 2011, Christina launched her College Collection that includes various unique pieces resembling your college of choice.


One day, while looking around, I came across Christina Greene's webpage.  Oh my goodness, what a beautiful line of jewelry she offers!  

From these stunning pair of earrings

Green Dangle Earrings

                                                                   Purple Teardrop

to this beautifully made Turquoise and Gold Wrap Bracelet.

I love all kinds of jewelry and I, especially, love it when there is a pop of gold mixed in.  These pieces are definitely one of a kind and appear to be well made. I have noticed, lately, that I have a hard time finding a unique piece of jewelry and that is why, when I came across Christina's website, I was in love!  I highly suggest you go to her website and take a look around.  Her jewelry is extremely affordable and you will not be able to leave her shop without making a purchase...think Christmas :)

Disclaimer:   I was not paid or given a free product to facilitate this review.  I loved what I saw and with permission, wanted to write my own review.  These are my own opinions.
Monday, October 17, 2011

Children Making an Impact by Volunteering

Good morning all!!  Today's guest post is by Kathleen Thomas.  Kathleen is a Marketing Support Coordinator for the Atlanta day care facility, a member of the AdvancED® accredited family of Primrose Schools (located in 16 states throughout the U.S.) and part of the network of day care preschools delivering progressive, early childhood, Balanced Learning® curriculum.  

Take it away, Kathleen....

Children Making an Impact by Volunteering
Article submitted by Kathleen Thomas on behalf of Primrose Schools
Most people want their children to grow up to be compassionate individuals. However, this is easier said than done. One way to help teach children to care about others is to involve them in volunteering while they are still young. Schools systems are in charge of educating your children and giving them the knowledge needed to succeed, but compassion is something that needs to be addressed prior to entering a preschool, so that it can be honed and perfect through their growth.

When you help children volunteer while they are still young they learn that it is possible for them to make a difference in the world. Volunteering helps them to learn about the ways they can improve the world and also helps to build character. You don't have to wait until your child is a teenager to have them start volunteering, you just have to find the right volunteer project and even small children can start to experience the benefits of volunteering.

When deciding on a volunteer project for your child, first think of the values that you want to teach your child. Choose a volunteer opportunity that reflects your values and interests, rather than just choosing an opportunity that is at a convenient time and place.

Before you bring your child to the volunteer activity, make sure to explain why it is important that he volunteer, and what the benefits are. You need to make him understand why you are having him do this, and do so in a manner that is age appropriate. You want your explanation to be short and simple for young children.

Make sure that you also choose an activity that is age appropriate. Although even three-year-old children can volunteer, you need to pick an activity they will enjoy and something that they can relate to. Consider group activities that focus on your neighborhood or your child's school.

Not all volunteer organizations are child-friendly, so check with the organization before you sign your child up. Make sure the organization is used to working with families and children, and not just adults, and that the particular volunteer opportunity you are interested in will have jobs available that are age-appropriate for your child. Ask the organization if they will be able to explain to your child how the task he is to complete will help other people.

Volunteering should help encourage your child to be more compassionate, which makes it more likely he will be a compassionate adult when he grows up. If you start having him volunteer when he is young it will be a habit and help him feel more a part of his community. It just takes a little planning to find just the right activities.
Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Bath and Body Works Lotion

Be Enchanted™ 2 oz. Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
From October 14-16 you can print off a coupon to receive a FREE 2 oz. (3.50 value) bottle of  their newest lotion, Enchanted.  Offer is valid in stores or online (online you have to pay shipping).  Just print out the coupon HERE and take it with you this weekend to get your free bottle!  Hurry, while supplies last.
Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stress and Hair Loss

I've always had some kind of stress in my life, but it seems that as I get older (gasp) that I tend to lose way more hair.  My hair has thinned out over the years and it's a scary thing for me!  I don't have any bald spots (it's not THAT bad) but I can definitely tell it's thinner.  I've read tons of articles, about this very subject, and I didn't seem to find anything until I came across and article about how Apple Cider Vinegar helps.  I continued to read and found that many individuals use this vinegar mixed, equally, with water and spritz on the roots of their hair.  Others have said they do this plus ingest the vinegar orally.  Now, there is NO way I can ingest that stuff orally...but , I have found where you can take it in a pill form.  So, I have placed an order for 3 months worth and I plan to take it and along with using raw vinegar on my hair.  I sure do hope it works because, at this point, I am desperate.  Have any of you tried this method?  If not, what do you do to control the amount of hair you lose (if there is such method)?  I do know that you lose about 100 or so strands a day, but I lose way more than that.  Any personal suggestions?  I will definitely keep you guys updated on how this works out for me.
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tig's Backyard presents Chick-A-Dee, Chick-A-Doo Review and Giveaway *CONTEST OVER*

I was given the opportunity to review the children's book called Chick-A-Dee Chick-a-Doo.

I had my 2 oldest girls sit down with my baby girl and read to her.  I must say that my baby girl loved the book.  She may only be 18 months, but she sat there and listened to her older sisters read and she smiled the whole time.

After they were finished reading, my baby girl carried the book around with her for what seemed like hours!

The book was written by Candy Brown and the Illustrations were done by Hector Lopez.  I love that it is a simple learning book that is so very easy to understand and the illustrations are bold and clear.  The pages are super thick, which is great for the younger readers. I love the story behind the whole line (which includes clothes)!   This is from the website


I love office supplies! Shop now at


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