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Thursday, October 25, 2012

OcuFresh - Unbelievable refreshment your eyes have been craving! Review and *Giveaway* US only ends November 8, 2012

One of the things I dislike the most, about wearing makeup, is that I'm ALWAYS getting either eyeliner or mascara "flakes" in my eye which can cause extreme discomfort. I always keep a bottle of eye drops with me but that doesn't always help and really doesn't "wash" my eyes clean; I'm still left with irritated eyes!

I, also, have a problem with my eyes drying out.  I thought it was due to wearing contacts but later found out, after switching to glasses, that my eyes were actually dry with or without contacts...bummer...and to add to that, I have allergies! 

I received a goody bag, from Optics Laboratory, that contained four products plus a tote bag. I was really excited to try these products out to see if they would really help with my eye "problems".

OcuFresh Eye Wash is a gentle, preservative free eye wash that gently removes debris and leaves your eyes feeling refreshed and alive. 

Optics MiniDrops is a lubricant, preservative free eye drop that is used to protect against further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye; safe for daily use. It comes with 30 sterile single-use droppers that are convenient to use and easy to carry.  The droppers are individually package to avoid cross-contamination from repeated use.

Optics Eye-Cept are rewetting drops that are also preservative free and are for use with soft contact lenses. Eye-Cept rehydrates lenses whenever your eyes feel dry, which is a problem I have when wearing contact lens. It also relieves minor irritation or discomfort associated with wearing contact lens. This also comes in a single use dropper.

Optics OcuSave is a 30 supply, eye vitamin and mineral supplement. OcuSave is a small, soft gel that is definitely easy to swallow. Eye vitamins and supplements play an important part in overall eye health. *OcuSave may help prevent or slow the progression of macular degeneration and *it may help reduce the risk of cataracts. *OcuSave contains essential minerals to support ocular nutrition and contains powerful antioxidants for healthy eye vision. 

WHERE TO PURCHASE: You can purchase Optics Laboratory products at your local Walgreens, and Duane Reade. You can also find them at and

HOW TO CONNECT:  You can connect with OcuFresh on Facbook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Thanks to the generosity of the folks over at Optics Laboratory/OcuFresh, one lucky reader from the US will win their very own goody bag that contains the same products I received for review. That's a $50 retail value! Giveaway will end on November 8, 2012.  Good luck to all!

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*Please note that these staements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello by Harvey Prince - Review and *Giveaway* (2 winners) - US/CAN ends November 6, 2012

Harvey Prince is quickly becoming my favorite fragrance brand of all time yes, all time! I had previously done reviews for Ageless and Submariner and was so pleased with the quality of the fragrance that I was looking forward to reviewing yet another.

Hello by Harvey Prince, is the newest addition to my collection of fragrances. The inviting scent of Hello will bring your significant other to his or her knees begging for your attention; you will definitely have him or her at "Hello"!

The scents of Meyer Lemon, White Grapefruit, and Satsuma Mandarin will give you an ever so light fruity scent that fades into a luscious bouquet of Summer Forsythia, Pink Plumeria and Wild Verbena. Hello ends with a warm, yet soft aroma of Tahitian Vanilla and Sensual Musk. With the combination of all of these notes, you just can't and will not go wrong with Harvey Prince's Hello.

The cost of an 8.8ml bottle will cost you $26.00, which is a tad expensive but, a little goes a long way AND you never have to reapply!  I can spray it on and it will still smell just as powerful, 10 hours later.

If you have yet to check out Harvey Prince, I can't stress how much of a necessity it is that you do so.  You will absolutely be glad that you did and will be kicking yourself for you doing so sooner.  Don't let the prices scare you off, trust me, Harvey Prince fragrances are worth every single penny.

WHERE TO BUY:  You can purchase Hello, and their other popular fragrances, directly from their website HERE

HOW TO CONNECT:  You can connect with Harvey Prince on Facebook and Twitter.

Once again, Harvey Prince would love to give two (2) of my readers from the US or Canada an 8.8 ml bottle of their Hello perfume ($26 RV). This giveaway will close on November 6, 2012. Good luck to all!

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Prank Place - Your one stop shop for fun and outrageous Halloween costumes!

Who doesn't love a good gag gift! From the classic Whoopee Cushion to the Over the Hill Jumbo playing cards, you're sure to find that perfect gag gift to bring a laugh out of anyone.

With Halloween being just around the corner, Prank Place sent me their Adult Banana Costume to review. When I'm taking the kids trick or treating, I love to see all the cute kid costumes but I really enjoy seeing what the adults are going to wear.  In my neighborhood, we see tons of the adults dressed up and they tend to dress up in funny costumes, which noticeably embarrass their kids! I think the Banana Costume is a perfect example of what being silly and fun is all about!

So I asked my brother-in-law to model the costume for me, to which he so happily agreed, as you can see haha!  It was hilarious to watch him put it on and even more hilarious to see him walking around in it.  I think the costume would look great paired with a black long sleeve top and black bottoms.  I'm wondering if I can't get him to actually wear the costume on Halloween; how hilarious that would be!

One thing that he did complain about was that the costume was a little itchy and he didn't feel that it was cut big enough through the arms but other than that, it was a great fit; it was nice and roomy.

Here is the back of the costume

The costume is extremely lightweight and was easy to put on and take off.  It's hard to determine if the quality is good but from what I can see, it appears to be pretty sturdy. The Adult Banana Costume will cost you only $29.99.

Check out some of these other costumes:


FUNNY COSTUME  Beer Pong Red Cup costume
Beer Pong Red Cup Costume

Heinz Classic Ketchup and Mustard Couples Costume
Heinz Classic Ketchup and Mustard Couples Costume

His Her Plug Socket Costume
This one has got to be my favorite!

There you have it!  Prank Place is THE place to go to find hilarious costumes and fabulous gag gifts! Halloween is a few days away so head on over and purchase your costume, today!

WHERE TO BUY:  You can purchase the Adult Banana Costume, along with others, directly from their website HERE.

HOW TO CONNECT:  You can connect with Prank Place on Facebook or Twitter.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Emily Kate Accessories Handbag Review and *Giveaway* - US only ends 10/25

Emily Kate Accessories

I love when I discover a website where I can find a variety of beautiful items that doesn't break the bank. Emily Kate Accessories & Such is the place where you can find handbags of all sizes, belts, clothes and items that are one of a kind.

A little bit about Emily Kate Accessories (from the website)

For many years Joelle helped clients create beautiful homes as an Interior Designer in South Florida. With the family relocating to California and the creation of Emily Kate Accessories, she has now transitioned into ladies fashion helping women feel beautiful about themselves and look stylish, too!
Joelle has always loved girly things and now enjoys searching the fashion world over to find the perfect clothing and accessories that would make any girl feel special.


I received a beautiful black trim multi-stripe handbag. The man made leather on this bag is amazing. As the website describes it, the material is buttery soft. This handbag has the look and feel of an expensive bag yet only costs $40! I was literally blown back that price! The colors on this handbag are amazingly bold! I normally go for a neutral colored bags but, this time I decided to add a little color to my collection. As I've said, many times before, I love a large handbag. I have so many things that I carry around that a small handbag just isn't enough. The measurements on this handbag is a whopping 12"H x 20"W x 8"D. All of the little extra details on this bag make it look even more playful!  Every woman should have that one really playful handbag in their collection.

On the inside, as you can see from the picture, contains 2 zippered pockets and one open pocket. These pockets provide extra room for your keys, gum, tissues, small hand lotion, small coin purse, your phone or anything else you can think of.

On the other side, of the inside of the bag, contains 2 more open pockets; one can carry your phone and the other can carry what ever else you'd like.

There is one outside zipper that I place my keys in for easy access. I love gummy bears so I will put a little baggy of gummy bears in there as well.

I love the little silver hardware; it brings out the beautiful, rich colors of the bag.

Not only does Emily Kate Accessories carry handbags, they carry a wide range of clothes ranging from tops, hats, and bottoms all the way to scarves. Their sizes are limited as most are a small and medium but some do carry a large.

 Becky Flame Top With BeltChloe Bubble Dress

They also have a wide variety of jewelry for us gals that love to accessorize!

Butterfly Wide Bangle Bracelet Multi Stone Leather Cuff Bracelet

Blue Swarovski Flower Earrings

I think this is a great place to shop for stylish clothes, accessories and handbags!

Where to buy:  You can shop at Emily Kate Accessories HERE.

How to connect:  You can connect with Emily Kate Accessories on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to Emily Kate Accessories, one lucky US reader is going to win the Paisley Woven Black Bag ($65 rv). This giveaway will end on November 1, 2012.  Good luck to all!

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Hobo Ninja Mustache Necklace Review and *Giveaway*! US only ends 11/1

Hobo Ninja

We are really good at bringing you fun, unique items at an incredible value that won't empty your wallet. Good for fun-loving men, women, young and old alike. We won't talk your ear off, just go explore the fun and check back EVERY day, as a new deal goes live every night at 10pm Eastern!

Who doesn't love giving and receiving fun gifts? I know I do! Hoba Ninja has you covered when it comes to fun and unique items and their prices just can't be beat.

I received the opportunity to review Hobo Ninja's popular Mustache Necklace. Every since I received this necklace to review, I've noticed several kids, and even adults, wearing them. I'm got good at noticing things like that...that is until I have it for myself.


So, I decided to give my 14 year old daughter the necklace.  She, personally, hadn't seen any other kids wearing one so she was eager to wear it and show it off. She totally used it to start a conversation with a particular boy at school. She said that she went up to him, put the mustache up to her face; he laughed, she laughed and the conversation began! I never would have thought of the Mustache Necklace as a conversation starter but hey, what a darn good idea she had there! Doesn't that sound like the perfect 'ice breaker' gift?

The Mustache Necklace is made of metal alloy construction. The dimensions are 1 7/8" wide x 1 1/2" tall with a total length of 28" and retails for $12.99 but you can purchase it for only $2.99 - what a steal!

Here is a fun statement, about the Mustache Necklace, straight off of the Hobo Ninja website: "Users cautioned to use their new found power and influence for peaceful purposes only." With each item you come across on their website, you are sure to find a cute and funny statement to go along with the item.

Check out some of their other unique and fun items that they offer:

Toilet Time Clock - Love this!

Just in time for Halloween - Picture changing haunted portraits

What man wouldn't love this - and I do mean the cooler!

If you are looking for fun and unique items that will surely get the conversation started, I highly recommend checking out  Hobo Ninja.

Where to buy:  You can purchase the Mustache Necklace and other great items directly from their website HERE.

How to connect:  You can connect with Hobo Ninja in Facebook and Twitter.

Who would like to win a Mustache Necklace of their very own? Thanks to the good folks over at Hobo Ninja, one lucky US reader will win one! This giveaway will end November 1, 2012 at 11:59 pm CST. Good luck to all!

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