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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dana Fragrances - Black Lace and Love's 5 Piece Set - Review and Giveaway - US Only Ends August 14, 2012

Dana Classics Fragrances have been around for as long as I can remember.  Some of my very first perfumes were from Dana Fragrances; Love's Baby Soft, Navy, and Chantilly, just to name a few.

I was in middle school when my mom bought me Love's Baby Soft perfume. Oh how excited was I to be able to finally have my very own perfume. I have to admit that my mom did a fabulous job of picking it out for me.  She knew it would be the perfect soft and delicate scent for her budding daughter and right she was. After middle school, I stopped wearing cologne and didn't really start wearing it again until about 5 years, or so, ago. When I was sent Love's assorted 5 piece mixed set, I had a flood of memories and emotions, come rushing back!  I don't know about you but, I miss the days when I was much, MUCH younger. Those days where everything was so much easier yet, I was so ready to grow up and become an adult. Oh how I miss those days; thanks to Love's Baby Soft, I was able to take myself back to those carefree days! I really do miss the 90's!

This set includes the original Love's Baby Soft .69 fl. oz. cologne mist, Love's Lemon Fresh .69 fl. oz. cologne mist, Love's Soft Jasmine .69 fl. oz. cologne mist, 2 oz. of Love's Baby Soft and Love's Rainforest lotions.  I wasn't too fond of Love's Lemon Fresh; it smelled too much like Pine Sol.  My daughter, on the other hand, loved the scent.  Love's Soft Jasmine smells just like you'd think Jasmine perfume would smell - love it1  I, too, am so in love with Love's Rainforest Lotion!  It's a powerful, yet gentle scent; perfect for your young daughter and also perfect for mommy!

Now that I've taken a walk down memory lane, I want to tell you a little bit about another Dana Fragrance called Black Lace.  This Eau de Toilette Spray screams my name all day long; this fragrance is light, airy and has a gentle, yet sexy, floral smell.  I think I'm safe to say that this a naughty fragrance that dances with your senses.  I sprayed some on my neck and when I walked into our bedroom, my husband immediately took notice and said "hey babe, what's that smell; come here and let me smell you!"  He loved it and it's not often I can get him to notice, let alone, compliment on my fragrance of choice.  This was a huge hit for me AND for my husband!  The only complaint that I have is that it just doesn't last long on me.  I'd say it lasted about 1 1/2 hours tops.  I'm used to wearing perfume that lasts all day and all night long.  Other than that, this is the perfect, sensual scent that any woman (and her partner) would enjoy.

WHERE TO BUY:  You can purchase on their website HERE or to find a store near you, click HERE.

HOW TO CONNECT:  You can connect with Love's Baby Soft on Facebook or Twitter.

Are you ready for a giveaway?  Thanks to the wonderful people at Dana Frangrances, one lucky US reader is going to win BOTH the Love's 5 piece assorted set and the Black Lace perfume.  Giveaway ends August 14, 2012.  Good luck to all!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Zipz Shoes - The Interchangeable Shoes - Review and Giveaway US only ends August 10, 2012

ZIPZ 101

From their website

What makes Zipz Shoes™ different than any other shoes available in the marketplace today?

Zipz Shoes™ is the world’s first and only fully interchangeable shoe system. This allows consumers the ability to change the “cover”, or top of the shoe, with the “soul”, or bottom of the shoe. There are numerous different collections, styles, patterns, and colors to choose from allowing the consumer to make a personal fashion statement every day of the week. Whether its fashion, function, or fun Zipz shoes have you covered.

One word comes to mind when I think of Zipz Shoes - GENIUS.  When I came across Zipz Shoes, I just had to find out what they were all about.  It all started, with Jerry Stefani and his family,  6 years ago, at a BBQ/family reunion.  Kids were running around, playing and getting their shoes al dirty (those of us with kids have been there, done that) that they were changing them out several times a day.  Jerry took notice and thought perhaps an interchangeable shoe would solve the problem....and that's how Zipz Shoes was born.


I was sent a pair of Youth Lo-Tops in Ruby Heartz for my review.  My 11 year old is always complaining of how everyone, at school, has the same shoes and how she wished she had a pair that nobody else had.  I knew Zipz Shoes would be the perfect solution to that so when I had her pick out a pair, she was more than thrilled, especially after I explained to her how they were different from other shoes she had ever worn; her eyes just lit up!  The thought of having different style choices was something that excited her more than her upcoming birthday party!

Let's talk a little bit about what makes Zipz Shoes unique.  The shoe has a component that you can interchange.  What you do is unzip the shoe, the zipper goes all the way around, and then you change it out.  All you have to do is buy the Zipz Shoes covers and however you're feeling that day, you can match your shoes to match your mood; how fun and creative is that!  You are not limited to the styles and designs.  In the mood for high tops?  All you have to do is change out the shoe component and instantly you have high tops!  I have to admit, that is pretty awesome.

Here's a question you might ask...are they comfortable?  My daughter is so picky when it comes to shoes.  Even if she loves the design and style of the shoe, if it's not comfortable she will not wear them.  As soon as she put on the Zipz Shoes, first thing she said was how comfortable and soft they were.  Since they are made out of a customized, extra cushioned insole, they work in conjunction with their specially designed arch support system to give you the most comfortable and healthy fit available.

The only complaint my daughter had was that they were a little hard to get on.  It could simply be that she has wider feet, or maybe the fact that they are new and once they are "broken" in, they'll be much easier to put on...time will tell.  Other than that, she loves them!

For me, I found the zipper a little hard to unzip, at first.  After a couple of times, it was so much easier so I guess it just needed to "warm" up.

Zipz Shoes comes in a variety of styles and designs for men, women, youth, and even toddlers.

Ready to think outside the shoe box?

WHERE TO BUY:  Are you ready to pick up a pair for yourself, or your child?  Visit their website HERE to purchase a pair.

HOW TO CONNECT:  You can connect with Zipz Shoes on Facebook and Twitter.

Are you ready for a giveaway?  The generous people over at Zipz Shoes would love to give you the chance to win a pair and try them out for yourself!  Winner will get their choice of any shoe.  Giveaway is open to the US only and will end on August 10, 2012.  Good luck to all!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Crock-Pot - The Original Slow Cooker - Review

Crock-Pot® The Original Slow Cooker

About the Crock-Pot® Brand

It all started in August of 1970 with a simple bean-cooker: a glazed brown crock liner, white steel housing and aluminum lid. What the Crock-Pot® brand did first was expand the cookbook to offer a real practical variety of dishes for the bean-cooker. The brand then redesigned the product’s outer wrapper and added handles and a glass lid. By associating the crockery liner with its pot-like shape, out came the name Crock-Pot® slow cooker. This slow electric stoneware cooker introduced a new category of appliances to the trade in January 1971 and revolutionized the way Americans cooked for their families.

A Crock-Pot® slow cooker combines old time principles to produce exceptional flavor, nutrition and economy cooking. Success breeds imitators, and Crock-Pot® slow cookers are no exception. You’ll see the word ‘crockpot’ and may presume it’s the original brand of slow cooker. But if it’s spelled ‘crockpot’ without a hyphen and ® then it’s not a Crock-Pot® slow cooker.


I have owned a couple of slow cookers throughout my adult life.  A smaller one and a larger one.  It's one of those appliances that I can't and won't live without.  When you are a busy mom, whether you work outside of the home or you work in the home, your days can be hectic.  After a long day of working, the last thing I want to do is think about cooking supper.  The husband is hungry, the kids are hungry, and so am I but, there are more times, than not, that I have been turning to packaged meals, which means the lack of good old fashioned home cooked taste.  That's where I pull out my ever so trust worthy slow cooker.

I have had my slow cooker for many years and it was on it's last leg so it was time for a new one.  The wonderful people over at Crock-Pot so graciously sent me the Crock-Pot Smart Pot Slow Cooker to test out and review.  Crock-Pot is a well known, trusted brand for top of the line slow cookers.  My previous slow cookers had your basic low and high settings.  I wanted something different so  I decided to go with a programmable slow cooker. 

What I really like most about the programmable slow cooker, versus the other, is that you have different settings besides low and high.  You have your 4hr, 6hr, 8hr, and 10 hr settings.  Depending on what you're cooking that day, just set it to the desired cooking time and off you go.  Once the time has elapsed, the slow cooker automatically jumps to the warm setting to keep your food nice and warm until you are ready to eat.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have lost track of the time and either the food overcooked or was slightly undercooked.  

I decided to fix one of my families favorite recipes.  The recipes says to cook on low for 8 hours.  Can you guess just how easy it was to cook this meal and go?! I set the time to 8hrs, didn't think twice about it and by the time we were ready to eat, it was already on the warm setting and just waiting for us to chow down! 

**As with most slow cookers, please be careful when handling as the unit gets pretty darn hot.

Jarden Consumer Solutions’ Crock-Pot® brand offers a full-line of slow cookers, accessories and replacement parts.

WHERE TO BUY:  You can purchase your own Crock-Pot slow cooker directly from their website HERE or you can find a retailer near you by clicking HERE.

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YumEarth Organic Lollipops Review


Let me start off with some serious honesty.  As you may have read in previous reviews, I'm not a fan of organic, healthy, or anything that doesn't contain lots of sugars or fat. I know, that's horrible but, every time I try out organic or healthy products, it just turns out horrible tasting and I end up wasting my money. I realize that my kids just don't need that junk so I do wish to find a product that is both organic and tastes good.

YumEarth Organics offers organic candies that are both healthy and delicious!  I received a package of Organic Lollipops and just like most kids, my kids couldn't wait to tear open the package.  My 14 year old took one look at the word organic and quickly turned up her nose and walked away.  Hey, I can't blame her; it's my own fault.  My 11 year old and 2 year could have cared less and immediately grabbed one, opened it up and stuck it in their mouths; I, too, grabbed one since, of course, I'm reviewing the product. The package was very easy to open and is resealable, which I liked very much.

The ONLY complaint I have about YumEarth Organic Lollipops is that they are too small! The taste of these lollipops are out of this world.  They are made with real fruit extracts and boy you can most definitely tell the difference between these and regular lollipops that contain all the stuff that isn't good for you.  I was shocked, literally shocked at how much delicious flavor was bursting from this candy.  I would have never thought that a product that is gluten free, certified organic, no artificial dyes, no corn or corn syrup, casein free could be so darn good; nothing but 100% natural flavors.

YumEarth Organics offers a variety of candies such as gummy bears, sour worms, and sour jelly beans.  I love, love, love gummy bears and can't wait until they are available at my local Target.  YumEarth is currently available at over 300 Target stores across the country.

WHERE TO BUY:  If your local Target doesn't carry YumEarth, you can purchase directly from their website HERE.

HOW TO CONNECT:  You can connect with YumEarth on Facebook and Twitter.

*Check below to see if YumEarth is available at a Target near you.*

150 W 100th Ave Ste A Anchorage AK-99515 (907) 267-7500 Anchorage

5561 Grove Blvd Birmingham AL-35226 (205) 747-1654 Birmingham-Hoover

1654 Gadsden Hwy Birmingham AL-35235 (205) 655-6950 Birmingham-Hoover

4616 Highway 280 S Birmingham AL-35242 (205) 408-7687 Birmingham-Hoover

1901 13th Ave E Tuscaloosa AL-35404 (205) 462-1064 Tuscaloosa

2750 Carl T Jones Dr SE Ste 7 Huntsville AL-35802 (256) 650-3491 Huntsville AL

790 Schillinger Rd S Mobile AL-36695 (251) 607-0265 Mobile

4000 McCain Blvd North Little Rock AR-72116 (501) 771-4220 Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway

420 S University Ave Little Rock AR-72205 (501) 801-3412 Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway

2404 Promenade Blvd Rogers AR-72758 (479) 986-1100 Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers

5715 N 19th Ave Phoenix AZ-85015 (602) 308-3604 Pheonix-Mesa-Glendale

16806 N 7th St Phoenix AZ-85022 (602) 794-3601 Pheonix-Mesa-Glendale

21398 S Ellsworth Loop Rd Queen Creek AZ-85142 (480) 214-4810 Pheonix-Mesa-Glendale

5110 S Power Rd Mesa AZ-85212 (480) 281-0268 Pheonix-Mesa-Glendale

3931 S Gilbert Rd Gilbert AZ-85297 (480) 281-0201 Pheonix-Mesa-Glendale

995 S Cotton Ln Goodyear AZ-85338 (480) 627-3275 Pheonix-Mesa-Glendale

24890 N Lake Pleasant Pkwy Peoria AZ-85383 (623) 376-7300 Pheonix-Mesa-Glendale

4040 N Oracle Rd Tucson AZ-85705 (520) 202-1501 Tucson

10820 Jefferson Blvd Culver City CA-90230 (310) 839-5200 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana

950 E 33rd St Signal Hill CA-90755 (562) 427-7751 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana

11133 Balboa Blvd Granada Hills CA-91344 (818) 360-2999 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana

42625 Jackson St Indio CA-92203 (760) 863-3600 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario

20288 US Hwy 18 Apple Valley CA-92307 (760) 240-7654 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario

15272 Summit Ave Fontana CA-92336 (909) 463-9872 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario

12795 Main St Hesperia CA-92345 (760) 949-3062 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario

27100 Eucalyptus Ave Moreno Valley CA-92555 (951) 571-8014 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario

27818 Clinton Keith Rd Murrieta CA-92562 (951) 704-1123 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario

30340 Haun Rd Menifee CA-92584 (951) 723-6151 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario

9882 Adams Ave Huntington Beach CA-92646 (714) 849-1814 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana

2195 E Prosperity Ave Tulare CA-93274 (559) 631-1128 Visalia-Porterville

11000 Stockdale Hwy Bakersfield CA-93311 (661) 617-3657 Bakersfield-Delano

38019 47Th St E Palmdale CA-93552 (661) 998-2500 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana

1640 N Main St Salinas CA-93906 (831) 442-0547 Salinas

1000 Commerce Ave Atwater CA-95301 (209) 357-4820 Merced

14200 E Ellsworth Ave Aurora CO-80012 (303) 214-0114 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

7400 S Gartrell Rd Aurora CO-80016 (303) 209-2827 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

10445 Reed St Westminster CO-80021 (303) 410-8310 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

14451 Orchard Pkwy Westminster CO-80023 (303) 209-0163 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

400 Marshall Rd Superior CO-80027 (303) 209-0106 Boulder

5071 Kipling St Wheat Ridge CO-80033 (303) 209-1848 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

3650 Riverpoint Pkwy Sheridan CO-80110 (303) 974-6661 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

9390 W Cross Dr Littleton CO-80123 (720) 922-1475 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

10001 Commons St Lone Tree CO-80124 (303) 209-1851 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

1265 Sgt Jon Stiles Dr Highlands Ranch CO-80129 (303) 323-4971 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

11150 S Twenty Mile Rd Parker CO-80134 (303) 209-0166 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

460 S Vance St Lakewood CO-80226 (303) 209-7749 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

1001 E 120th Ave Thornton CO-80233 (303) 280-0400 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

7930 Northfield Blvd Denver CO-80238 (303) 209-8720 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

14500 W Colfax Ave Unit B1 Lakewood CO-80401 (303) 273-9940 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

551 S Hover Rd Longmont CO-80501 (720) 864-4393 Boulder

2936 Council Tree Ave Fort Collins CO-80525 (970) 530-3120 Fort Collins-Loveland

2171 Prairie Center Pkwy Brighton CO-80601 (303) 219-9055 Denver-Aurora-Broomfield

3810 Bloomington St Colorado Springs CO-80922 (719) 574-4351 Colorado Springs

9670 Prominent Pt Colorado Springs CO-80924 (719) 302-4266 Colorado Springs

1075 Kennedy Rd Windsor CT-06095 (860) 907-3068 Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford

900 Hartford Tpke Waterford CT-06385 (860) 442-3300 Norwich-New London

1191 Boston Post Rd Milford CT-06460 (203) 306-5063 New Haven-Milford

5065 Main St Ste Target Trumbull CT-06611 (203) 873-2013 Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk

300 Chase Ave Waterbury CT-06704 (203) 437-3673 New Haven-Milford

800 Christiana Mall Newark DE-19702 (302) 669-4009 Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington

1919 Wells Rd Orange Park FL-32073 (904) 264-2748 Jacksonville FL

1771 Dunlawton Ave Port Orange FL-32127 (386) 322-1348 Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach

5100 E Hwy 100 Palm Coast FL-32164 (386) 313-3951 Palm Coast

9525 Crosshill Blvd Jacksonville FL-32222 (904) 248-4366 Jacksonville FL

13740 Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL-32224 (904) 248-4363 Jacksonville FL

6331 Roosevelt Blvd Jacksonville FL-32244 (904) 596-1065 Jacksonville FL

4711 Bayou Blvd Pensacola FL-32503 (850) 494-9070 Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent

1749 E Nine Mile Rd Pensacola FL-32514 (850) 473-8647 Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent

1201 W P Ball Blvd Sanford FL-32771 (407) 547-0007 Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford

120 W Grant St Orlando FL-32806 (407) 608-1580 Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford

325 N Alafaya Trl Orlando FL-32828 (407) 482-8155 Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford

2155 Town Center Blvd Orlando FL-32837 (407) 251-5133 Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford

4750 Millenia Plaza Way Orlando FL-32839 (407) 541-0019 Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford

8455 N Wickham Rd Viera FL-32940 (321) 242-9631 Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville

16901 Miramar Pkwy Miramar FL-33027 (954) 435-2571 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

4400 N State Rd 7 Coral Springs FL-33073 (954) 366-2134 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

12801 W Sunrise Blvd Sunrise FL-33323 (954) 846-2600 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

5800 S University Dr Davie FL-33328 (954) 377-0041 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

7730 W Commercial Blvd Lauderhill FL-33351 (954) 572-6724 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

10155 Okeechobee Blvd West Palm Beach FL-33411 (561) 204-2349 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

650 N Congress Ave Boynton Beach FL-33426 (561) 396-2202 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

10201 Hagen Ranch Rd Boynton Beach FL-33437 (561) 536-0261 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

3599 W Hillsboro Blvd Deerfield Beach FL-33442 (954) 333-5214 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

5900 State Rd 7 Lake Worth FL-33449 (561) 273-8259 Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach

1201 County Road 581 Wesley Chapel FL-33543 (813) 907-6687 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater

1040 Dale Mabry Hwy Lutz FL-33548 (813) 435-2933 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater

16400 State Rd 54 Odessa FL-33556 (813) 383-0010 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater

10150 Bloomingdale Ave Riverview FL-33578 (813) 387-1161 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater

11627 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa FL-33635 (813) 749-5961 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater

2747 Gulf To Bay Blvd Clearwater FL-33759 (727) 431-0231 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater

15880 San Carlos Blvd Ste 101 Ft Myers FL-33908 (239) 265-9002 Cape Coral-Fort Myers

1890 NE Pine Island Road Cape Coral FL-33909 (239) 829-2639 Cape Coral-Fort Myers

13711 S Tamiami Trl Fort Myers FL-33912 (239) 481-8860 Cape Coral-Fort Myers

10000 Gulf Center Dr Fort Myers FL-33913 (239) 432-2641 Cape Coral-Fort Myers

8040 Mediterranean Dr Estero FL-33928 (239) 495-4920 Cape Coral-Fort Myers

2415 Tarpon Bay Blvd Naples FL-34119 (239) 552-1100 Naples-Marco Island

101 N Cattlemen Rd Sarasota FL-34243 (941) 360-7520 North Port-Bradenton-Sarasota

2660 East Hwy 50 Clermont FL-34711 (352) 394-8510 Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford

4795 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy Kissimmee FL-34746 (407) 594-0029 Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford

3200 Rolling Oaks Blvd Kissimmee FL-34747 (321) 677-3971 Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford

3343 Daniels Rd Winter Garden FL-34787 (407) 395-0111 Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford

13055 Hwy 9 N Milton GA-30004 (770) 225-1780 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

2600 Holcomb Bridge Rd Alpharetta GA-30022 (678) 775-7620 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

2625 Peachtree Pkwy Suwanee GA-30024 (678) 513-8013 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

1525 Market Place Blvd Cumming GA-30041 (678) 455-9618 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

1135 Woodstock Rd Roswell GA-30075 (770) 998-0144 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

3935 Venture Dr Duluth GA-30096 (770) 232-1929 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

3378 Cobb Pkwy NW Acworth GA-30101 (678) 202-0996 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

2022 Cumming Hwy Canton GA-30114 (678) 880-4311 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

5220 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy Hiram GA-30141 (678) 567-0142 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

140 Woodstock Square Ave Woodstock GA-30189 (678) 494-5307 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

1850 Jonesboro Rd Mcdonough GA-30253 (678) 583-2184 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

100 Perimeter Center Pl Atlanta GA-30346 (678) 259-0888 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

2135 SE Delaware Ave Ankeny IA-50021 (515) 964-9000 Des Moines-West Des Moines

5405 Mills Civic Pkwy West Des Moines IA-50266 (515) 223-0262 Des Moines-West Des Moines

11148 Plum Dr Urbandale IA-50322 (515) 270-6556 Des Moines-West Des Moines

3450 4th St SW Mason City IA-50401 (641) 423-8335 Mason City

1501 E San Marnan Dr Waterloo IA-50702 (319) 226-6500 Waterloo-Cedar Falls

1030 Blairs Ferry Rd NE Cedar Rapids IA-52402 (319) 393-1600 Cedar Rapids

3400 Edgewood Rd SW Cedar Rapids IA-52404 (319) 396-4444 Cedar Rapids

3100 W IL Rte 60 Mundelein IL-60060 (847) 367-2650 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

313 E Townline Rd Vernon Hills IL-60061 (847) 680-0390 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

750 S Randall Rd Algonquin IL-60102 (847) 458-5340 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

1001 Sutton Rd Streamwood IL-60107 (630) 372-3330 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

175 W Army Trail Rd Glendale Heights IL-60139 (630) 582-0043 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

800 Broadview Village Sq Broadview IL-60155 (708) 731-5555 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

130 S Mannheim Rd Hillside IL-60162 (708) 375-5071 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

1235 E Higgins Rd Schaumburg IL-60173 (847) 413-1080 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

530 Randall Rd South Elgin IL-60177 (847) 697-1017 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

2621 W Schaumburg Rd Schaumburg IL-60194 (847) 798-0192 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

1188 W Boughton Rd Bolingbrook IL-60440 (630) 378-5544 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

4647 Promenade Way Matteson IL-60443 (708) 898-5008 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

7300 191st St Tinley Park IL-60487 (815) 806-3210 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

1951 W Jefferson Ave Naperville IL-60540 (630) 357-0056 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

1800 Orchard Gateway Blvd North Aurora IL-60542 (630) 518-9042 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

28201 Diehl Rd Warrenville IL-60555 (630) 657-5555 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

1652 N Beecher Rd Yorkville IL-60560 (630) 385-3200 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

1940 W 33rd St Chicago IL-60608 (773) 843-3250 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

10401 N Michigan Rd Carmel IN-46032 (317) 876-0809 Indianapolis-Carmel

10209 E US Highway 36 Avon IN-46123 (317) 271-6483 Indianapolis-Carmel

4850 E Southport Rd Indianapolis IN-46237 (317) 787-4169 Indianapolis-Carmel

155 University Dr E Granger IN-46530 (574) 243-7442 South Bend-Mishawaka

4000 1st Ave Evansville IN-47710 (812) 426-2218 Evansville

3630 State Road 26 E Lafayette IN-47905 (765) 446-8551 Lafayette IN

15345 W 119th St Olathe KS-66062 (913) 393-4400 Kansas City

10900 Stadium Pkwy Kansas City KS-66111 (913) 905-0316 Kansas City

11501 W 97th St Overland Park KS-66214 (913) 905-0285 Kansas City

15700 Shawnee Mission Pkwy Shawnee KS-66217 (913) 962-8222 Kansas City

2727 N Maize Rd Wichita KS-67205 (316) 721-4289 Wichita

10800 E 21st St N Wichita KS-67206 (316) 636-4206 Wichita

160 Pavilion Pkwy Newport KY-41071 (859) 814-0140 Cincinnati-Middletown

4313 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy Lafayette LA-70508 (337) 406-2536 Lafayette LA

6885 Siegen Ln Baton Rouge LA-70809 (225) 293-0984 Baton Rouge

2001 Millerville Rd Baton Rouge LA-70816 (225) 272-4275 Baton Rouge

330 Turnpike Rd Westborough MA-01581 (508) 366-1426 Worcester

605 Boston Post Rd E Marlborough MA-01752 (508) 251-6957 Boston-Cambridge-Quincy

180 Somerville Ave Somerville MA-02143 (617) 776-4036 Boston-Cambridge-Quincy

579 GAR HWY Suite 5 Swansea MA-02777 (774) 488-3684 Providence-New Bedford-Fall River

3300 Western Pkwy Waldorf MD-20603 (301) 645-7114 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

15922 Crain Hwy SE Brandywine MD-20613 (301) 720-9000 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

60 Shining Willow Way La Plata MD-20646 (301) 934-5900 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

10401 Martin Luther King Jr Hwy Bowie MD-20720 (301) 955-0107 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

10500 Campus Way S Largo MD-20774 (301) 324-7080 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

25 Grand Corner Ave Gaithersburg MD-20878 (301) 721-1760 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

12000 Cherry Hill Rd Silver Spring MD-20904 (301) 586-0724 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

2384 BRANDERMILL BLVD Gambrills MD-21054 (443) 302-6278 Baltimore-Towson

7951 Nolpark Ct Glen Burnie MD-21061 (410) 969-2257 Baltimore-Towson

1737 Reisterstown Rd Pikesville MD-21208 (410) 486-4141 Baltimore-Towson

3201 Tioga Pkwy Baltimore MD-21215 (410) 369-1007 Baltimore-Towson

5230 Campbell Blvd Baltimore MD-21236 (410) 933-9632 Baltimore-Towson

1238 Putty Hill Ave Towson MD-21286 (410) 823-4423 Baltimore-Towson

1911 Towne Centre Blvd Annapolis MD-21401 (443) 837-3540 Baltimore-Towson

4300 24th Ave Fort Gratiot MI-48059 (810) 385-5000 Detroit-Warren-Livonia

2400 S Telegraph Rd Bloomfield Hills MI-48302 (248) 409-1951 Detroit-Warren-Livonia

2310 Metropolitan Pkwy Sterling Heights MI-48310 (586) 698-1027 Detroit-Warren-Livonia

13221 Hall Rd Shelby Township MI-48315 (586) 254-7100 Detroit-Warren-Livonia

650 Brown Rd Auburn Hills MI-48326 (248) 393-8106 Detroit-Warren-Livonia

356 12th St SW Forest Lake MN-55025 (651) 464-4700 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

18275 Kenrick Ave Lakeville MN-55044 (952) 892-5400 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

1300 University Ave W Saint Paul MN-55104 (651) 642-1146 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

1515 County Road B W Roseville MN-55113 (651) 631-0330 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

1750 Robert St S West St Paul MN-55118 (651) 455-6671 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

15150 Cedar Ave Apple Valley MN-55124 (952) 891-5500 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

15560 Pilot Knob Rd Apple Valley MN-55124 (952) 236-3165 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

449 Commerce Dr Woodbury MN-55125 (651) 239-1874 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

3800 Lexington Ave N Shoreview MN-55126 (651) 486-0048 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

11990 Business Park Blvd N Champlin MN-55316 (763) 354-1006 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

15800 87th St NE Otsego MN-55330 (763) 252-1315 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

810 County Rd 42 W Burnsville MN-55337 (952) 236-3003 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

1447 E 7th St Monticello MN-55362 (763) 271-1100 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

15300 Grove Circle N Maple Grove MN-55369 (763) 447-2506 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

21615 S Diamond Lake Rd Rogers MN-55374 (763) 428-1394 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

14333 Hwy 13 Savage MN-55378 (952) 226-1444 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

1685 17th Ave E Shakopee MN-55379 (952) 445-5332 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

1650 New Brighton Blvd Minneapolis MN-55413 (612) 781-7033 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

755 53rd Ave NE Fridley MN-55421 (763) 852-0003 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

6445 Richfield Pkwy Richfield MN-55423 (612) 252-0473 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

8900 Hwy 7 St Louis Park MN-55426 (952) 935-6941 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

7000 York Ave S Edina MN-55435 (952) 925-4610 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

4175 Vinewood Ln N Plymouth MN-55442 (763) 553-0302 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

1500 109th Ave NE Blaine MN-55449 (763) 354-1000 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

4611 Maine Ave SE Rochester MN-55904 (507) 206-5020 Rochester MN

4201 W Division St Saint Cloud MN-56301 (320) 253-4740 St. Cloud

17810 E 39th St S Independence MO-64055 (816) 373-1800 Kansas City

1850 NW Chipman Rd Lees Summit MO-64081 (816) 524-1405 Kansas City

1201 W 136th St Kansas City MO-64145 (816) 412-0108 Kansas City

1201 Beaver Creek Commons Dr Apex NC-27502 (919) 372-1405 Raleigh-Cary

12000 Retail Dr Wake Forest NC-27587 (919) 761-1001 Raleigh-Cary

7900 Old Wake Forest Rd Raleigh NC-27616 (919) 790-1024 Raleigh-Cary

4037 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd Durham NC-27707 (919) 765-0008 Durham-Chapel Hill

8210 Renaissance Pkwy Durham NC-27713 (919) 425-0001 Durham-Chapel Hill

6150 Bayfield Pkwy Concord NC-28027 (704) 262-6080 Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill

594 River Hwy Mooresville NC-28117 (704) 799-1233 Statesville-Mooresville

9841 Northlake Centre Pkwy Charlotte NC-28216 (704) 526-3648 Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill

12830 Walker Branch Dr Charlotte NC-28273 (704) 583-2601 Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill

3601 32nd Ave S Grand Forks ND-58201 (701) 787-6177 Grand Forks

718 N Washington St Papillion NE-68046 (402) 597-9900 Omaha-Council Bluffs

16959 Evans Plaza Omaha NE-68116 (402) 970-1000 Omaha-Council Bluffs

3808 Twin Creek Dr Bellevue NE-68123 (402) 291-6747 Omaha-Council Bluffs

17810 W Center Rd Omaha NE-68130 (402) 697-4930 Omaha-Council Bluffs

12500 K Plaza Omaha NE-68137 (402) 201-2658 Omaha-Council Bluffs

4001 N 132nd St Omaha NE-68164 (402) 431-0060 Omaha-Council Bluffs

8201 S 40th St Lincoln NE-68516 (402) 420-3540 Lincoln NE

543 River Rd Edgewater NJ-07020 (201) 402-0252 New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island

1515 US Highway 22 Watchung NJ-07069 (908) 769-8699 New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island

4955 US Highway 9 Howell NJ-07731 (732) 363-4182 New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island

130 State Route 10 Ste 1 East Hanover NJ-07936 (973) 887-3145 New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island

200 Promenade Blvd Bridgewater NJ-08807 (732) 868-8333 New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island

400 Ryders Ln Milltown NJ-08850 (732) 613-3903 New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island

605 N Stephanie St Henderson NV-89014 (702) 451-5959 Las Vegas-Paradise

5622 Amanda Ln Orchard Park NY-14127 (716) 821-9511 Buffalo-Niagara Falls

2325 Marketplace Dr Rochester NY-14623 (585) 424-3370 Rochester NY

14070 Cedar Rd University Heights OH-44118 (216) 416-0025 Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor

4200 Kent Rd Stow OH-44224 (330) 688-5928 Akron

2205 Walker Lake Rd Mansfield OH-44903 (419) 747-1313 Mansfield

1200 E 2nd St Edmond OK-73034 (405) 844-5072 Oklahoma City

1400 24th Ave NW Norman OK-73069 (405) 253-3003 Oklahoma City

13924 N Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma City OK-73134 (405) 752-0183 Oklahoma City

720 SW 19TH ST Moore OK-73160 (405) 378-5494 Oklahoma City

10711 E 71st St Tulsa OK-74133 (918) 307-8161 Tulsa

10019 S Memorial Dr Tulsa OK-74133 (918) 615-5000 Tulsa

360 Waterfront Dr E Homestead PA-15120 (412) 464-2522 Pittsburgh

4600 High Pointe Blvd Harrisburg PA-17111 (717) 558-4150 Harrisburg-Carlisle

31 WILSON AVE Hanover PA-17331 (717) 634-3140 York-Hanover

2251 York Crossing Dr York PA-17408 (717) 764-9661 York-Hanover

960 Lititz Pike Lititz PA-17543 (717) 627-8250 Lancaster PA

2385 Covered Bridge Dr Lancaster PA-17602 (717) 390-8727 Lancaster PA

455 Carnegie Blvd Malvern PA-19355 (484) 913-3750 Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington

134 Harbison Blvd Columbia SC-29212 (803) 749-0869 Columbia SC

803 Industrial Blvd Smyrna TN-37167 (615) 768-3017 Nashville-Davidson--Murfreesboro-Franklin

1033 Crossings Blvd Spring Hill TN-37174 (931) 489-1030 Columbia TN

5405 Washington Pke Knoxville TN-37918 (865) 291-0086 Knoxville

11100 Parkside Dr Knoxville TN-37934 (865) 675-8200 Knoxville

475 N Germantown Pkwy Cordova TN-38018 (901) 248-0200 Memphis

150 E Stacy Rd Ste 2400 Allen TX-75002 (469) 342-2004 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

5959 Long Prairie Rd Flower Mound TX-75028 (972) 874-6700 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

3201 Preston Rd Frisco TX-75034 (972) 668-6880 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

4885 Eldorado Pkwy Frisco TX-75034 (972) 464-5745 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

5301 N Garland Ave Garland TX-75040 (972) 535-0252 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

5270 S State Hwy 360 Grand Prairie TX-75052 (469) 348-2100 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

4760 State Hwy 121 Lewisville TX-75056 (469) 287-0346 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

725 Hebron Pkwy Lewisville TX-75057 (972) 459-2605 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

8900 State Hwy 121 McKinney TX-75070 (972) 439-3397 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

2025 N Central Expy Mckinney TX-75070 (469) 525-4974 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

601 S Plano Rd Richardson TX-75081 (214) 530-0183 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

4701 Lakeview Pkwy Rowlett TX-75088 (972) 265-6060 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

2200 Dallas Pkwy Plano TX-75093 (972) 781-6587 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

3440 W FM 544 Wylie TX-75098 (972) 769-3943 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

739 N Highway 67 Cedar Hill TX-75104 (972) 291-6149 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

1629 N Town East Blvd Mesquite TX-75150 (214) 302-2960 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

6419 Skillman St Dallas TX-75231 (214) 348-0240 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

16731 Coit Rd Dallas TX-75248 (214) 775-0206 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

1401 W Glade Rd Euless TX-76039 (817) 399-8494 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

1400 Precinct Line Rd Hurst TX-76053 (817) 282-8808 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

1801 Highway 287 N Mansfield TX-76063 (817) 453-0005 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

301 Carroll St Fort Worth TX-76107 (817) 302-0290 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

5700 Overton Ridge Blvd Fort Worth TX-76132 (817) 423-1600 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

8000 Denton Hwy Watauga TX-76148 (817) 427-8039 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

8532 Davis Blvd North Richland Hills TX-76182 (817) 503-0548 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

1801 S Loop 288 Denton TX-76205 (940) 220-2122 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

8605 Westheimer Rd Houston TX-77063 (713) 331-0373 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

2700 Eldridge Pkwy Houston TX-77082 (281) 810-5251 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

300 Meyerland Plaza Mall Houston TX-77096 (713) 292-0030 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

20777 Hwy 59 N Humble TX-77338 (281) 446-1081 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

6931 FM 1960 Rd E Atascocita TX-77346 (281) 318-2237 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

19511 I H 45 Spring TX-77388 (281) 288-2043 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

16300 Southwest Fwy Sugar Land TX-77479 (281) 340-0550 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

23710 Westheimer Pkwy Katy TX-77494 (281) 392-8331 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

5757 Fairmont Pkwy Pasadena TX-77505 (281) 504-0143 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

1801 Gulf FWY Dickinson TX-77539 (281) 534-5420 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

255 Marina Bay Dr Clear Lake Shores TX-77565 (281) 538-7626 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

3045 Silverlake Village St Pearland TX-77584 (713) 436-4892 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

1801 W Bay Area Blvd Webster TX-77598 (281) 819-4116 Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown

4522 Fredricksburg Rd Balcones Heights TX-78201 (210) 280-0000 San Antonio-New Braunfels

11311 Bandera Rd San Antonio TX-78250 (210) 682-2253 San Antonio-New Braunfels

5355 W Loop 1604 N San Antonio TX-78253 (210) 424-1910 San Antonio-New Braunfels

22832 US Highway 281 N San Antonio TX-78258 (210) 679-2368 San Antonio-New Braunfels

1101 C-Bar Ranch Trl Lot #2 Lot #2 Cedar Park TX-78613 (512) 456-2933 Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos

18700 Limestone Commercial Dr Ste 100 Pflugerville TX-78660 (512) 687-2064 Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos

10900 Lakeline Mall Dr Austin TX-78717 (512) 651-3376 Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos

9500 S Interstate 35 Ste G Austin TX-78748 (512) 687-0634 Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos

12901 N I H 35 Ste 3-300 Austin TX-78753 (512) 651-0608 Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos

1874 Joe Battle Blvd El Paso TX-79936 (915) 849-5010 El Paso

815 W 2000 N Layton UT-84041 (801) 773-0287 Ogden-Clearfield

175 W Center St Orem UT-84057 (801) 224-6007 Provo-Orem

10130 S State St Sandy UT-84070 (801) 255-3301 Salt Lake City

11525 Parkway Plaza Dr South Jordan UT-84095 (801) 316-2511 Salt Lake City

1110 S 300 W Salt Lake City UT-84101 (801) 401-9562 Salt Lake City

7025 Park Centre Dr Salt Lake City UT-84121 (801) 255-2292 Salt Lake City

9900 Sowder Village Sq Manassas VA-20109 (703) 257-6969 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

13301 Gateway Center Dr Gainesville VA-20155 (571) 261-5052 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

1200 Edwards Ferry Rd Leesburg VA-20176 (703) 777-8730 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

9785 Jefferson Davis Hwy Fredericksburg VA-22407 (540) 834-1440 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

201 Perimeter Dr Midlothian VA-23113 (804) 419-8140 Richmond VA

6321 McKee Rd Fitchburg WI-53719 (608) 819-1522 Madison WI

3649 S Hastings Way Eau Claire WI-54701 (715) 838-0196 Eau Claire

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lovable Labels - Don't Lose It, Label It! - Review and Giveaway Open to the US/CAN Ends August 8, 2012

About Lovable Labels 

Lovable Labels launched in 2003 by a mom that found herself in the middle of a problem. Her son's daycare asked that all of his belonging be labeled.  She then recognized that there was a need in the market for personalized labels that were touch, durable and could stand the test of time!

Personalized durable labels and tags are Lovable Labels specialty. From multipurpose sticker labels to shoe labels and clothing labels, Lovable Labels makes sure to have you covered!

Children are going to lose stuff, so Lovable Labels solves that problem!

The school year is fast approaching (sheesh, already??) and if your anything like me, labeling school supplies is a must!  I did it the old fashioned way and took a fine tipped marker and proceeded to write my daughter's name on every supply and every item!

So, when I was approached by Lovable Labels to review their Back to School Pack, I had no problem saying yes! When they arrived, my 11 year old daughter was so excited to see her very own, personalized, pack of Lovable Labels.  She was so thrilled with the idea of getting to label her items with super cute stickers instead of the boring old marker that would end up smearing.

The Back to School Pack retails for $44.95 and includes the following: 
  • 15 Regular Labels
  • 80 Slimline Labels
  • 48 Press n' Stick Clothing Dots (3 sizes)
  • 12 Shoe Labels
  • 2 Mini-Metal tags
  • 12 Square Labels
Lovable Labels has got you covered with just about every possible label you could have for your kids back to school items. 


Regular Label used on Notebook

Slimline Labels used on pencil

Press n' Stick Clothing Dots
Shoe Labels

Mini Metal Tag used on pencil case

Square Label used on lunch bag

As you can see, these labels are super cute and super easy to apply.  Should they start to peel away, Lovable Labels has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you ever encounter labels that are peeling they will send you replacement labels for free! This is just another way they let our customers know the durability of our products!  

You are not limited to what you can use the labels on.  You can label a writing tablet, water bottle, backpack, pens, markers, map colors, highlighters, crayon box, get the picture!  Lovable Labels can withstand your dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer, and of course... your child! If it NEEDS to be labeled, it CAN be labeled!

**Right now if you use promo code BTS201208 you'll receive $5 off any purchase of $25 or more and is valid until September 30th, all you have to do is plug it in at the checkout.

WHERE TO BUY:  You can purchase Lovable Labels from their website HERE.

HOW TO CONNECT:  You can connect with Lovable Labels on Facebook, Twitter and their Blog.

One lucky winner from the US or Canada will win the Back to School Set - retail value of $44.95.  Winner will get to choose their pattern!  Giveaway ends on August 8, 2012.  Good luck to all!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Almondina Biscuits - Delicious Cookies Without The Guilt! - Review and Giveaway US Only and ends on August 12, 2012!

The Almondina Story 
(from their website)

Profile Picture
Almondina® is the inspiring success story of a man whose great loves include both music and wonderful food. For generations his family loved his grandmother Dina’s most secret cookie, which she called Petit Gateau Sec. Yuval Zaliouk, an internationally known symphony conductor and gourmet chef, always had a special place in his heart (and stomach) for this exquisite, crispy wafer with the delicate flavor of roasted almonds and the natural sweetness of plump raisins.

Long after his grandmother’s death, Zaliouk became aware that the remarkable characteristics of this addictively delicious but extremely nutritious cookie fell squarely in line with the growing demands of health-conscious buyers at the end of the century. Within seven years having started baking in his kitchen, the cookies, renamed Almondina® for his grandmother, were available in all fifty states, sought after in seven foreign countries, and had brought him recognition as Entrepreneur of the Year.

This all-natural, crispy almond cookie has no cholesterol and no added fat, salt, or preservatives. It is wonderfully crunchy and does not have to be dipped. It is a delightful accompaniment for coffee, tea, soft cheeses and fine light wines. The rush to eliminate fat from gourmet foods too often has also eliminated most of the flavor, a fact which is in sharp contrast to this enticingly delicious cookie.

Since the introduction of the classic Original flavor, eight more distinctive variations have been introduced, all of which continue to be packed with roasted almonds. A recent innovation, Chocolate Cherry, combines the almonds with dark chocolate and plump cherries.

The Almondina Company sent me their Assorted 8-Cookie Gift Box which is a perfect way to get to try several different flavors.  The flavors I received included: 2 Original, Choconut, Sesame, Gingerspice, Cinnaroma,  and Chocolate Cherry.  *See below for a description of the flavors. 

I've always been aware of healthy cookies but never gave it a second thought since I'm not a huge fan of healthy eating.  When I agreed to try the Almondina assortment, I really wasn't too thrilled but my curiosity overrode any negative thoughts; plus, I never back down from trying something new! I mean, how bad could they possibly be?  At first glance, the cookies appeared rather stale and slightly unappetizing.  You know that saying, "don't judge a book by it's cover"?  Well, that couldn't be more true in this instance.

Holy taste buds, these cookies are delicious; the texture is very crispy, not stale tasting at all, and full of delicious flavor!  My girls weren't too fond of them but me and my hubby sure were; we gobbled them up lightening fast!  I have never tasted anything quite like this, from the texture to the actual taste.  I love almonds but am not too fond of raisins.  Surprisingly, the raisins offer a faint sweetness that didn't upset my taste buds!


We hear about this, ALL THE TIME but, when I think of healthy food, the words tasteless, and boring come to mind;  I'm sorry, that's just the way I feel.  I have no desire to eat foods that have no taste.  Almondina has pleasantly surprised me in that they offer such delicious cookies that have ZERO fat and salt; they are also free of cholesterol, coloring, preservatives, non dairy AND are super low in calories.  Normally, those words would have turned me away quick had I come across these in the store.  There are some things that I review that I'm SO glad I was given the chance to, otherwise I would be seriously missing out; this is most definitely one of those times!  I was sent a couple of coupons, along with the assortment, and have already used them up!

*Almondina cookies come in the following flavors:
  • Original - America's all natural favorite with almonds and raisins
  • Chocolate Cherry - We combined the world's finest dark chocolate with plump cherries to produce an irresistible, decadent treat without guilt. 
  • Choconut - Rich tasting crunchy chocolate, but low in calories
  • Cinnaroma® - The original biscuit for cinnamon lovers
  • Gingerspice - Trend setting, with chunks of Australian ginger
  • AlmonDuo® - Double-nut wonder with almonds and pistachios
  • AnniversaryT - Award winning delight with a touch of anise
  • BranTreats® - Made with oat bran and the finest cinnamon "Cookies For Breakfast"
  • Sesame - Irresistible, exotic, flavorful
  • Seasonal Pumpkin Spice - A seasonal attraction with a delightful touch of fall spices combined with the highest quality almonds and pepitas(pumpkin seeds)
  • Chocolate Dipped – the Original® dipped in the finest, pure, rich dark chocolate was previously offered only certain times of the year is now available year round
If you're not into healthy eating but want to give it a shot, Almondina cookies are a great place to start.  Better yet, if you ARE into healthy eating, then you've GOT to try their cookies!

WHERE TO BUY:  You can purchase from there website HERE or you can visit a retail near you.  Some of the places you can purchase Almondina cookies are: Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and other fine retail stores.  To see a complete list of retailers in your state, click HERE.  

HOW TO CONNECT:  You can connect with Almondina Biscuits on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the good people over at Almondina, one lucky US reader will win the same sampler I received.  Giveaway will end on August 12, 2012.  Good luck to all!

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