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Friday, July 13, 2012 Computer Accessories! offers office supplies at reasonable prices.  I was sent several computer accessories to try and it just couldn't have been at a better time.

As some of you know, from previous posts, I've been having some problems with my wrists.  They tend to get sore from time to time and with all of they typing that I do, it just makes it that much more problematic.

The first item I received was the Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Palm Support.  When I was out in the real world working, I used to share a desk with a woman who used an ergonomic keyboard palm support.  It was a little odd to get used to but, after I did, it felt so comfortable and you could definitely tell there was less strain on my wrists.  The Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Pam Support is no different.  It provides excellent support for my wrists and makes typing that much less of a pain.  The patented Health-V Channel reduces wrist pressure to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. The only problem I had was that I have a laptop and this palm support is for a regular non-laptop keyboard.  After some adjusting, I'm able to get it in just the perfect position to feel comfortable.  As you can see it hanging off, I'm assuming, it wasn't made for a laptop.  If you have a regular computer with a regular keyboard, then this keyboard pad is for you!

The next item I received was the Fellowes Memory Foam Gliding Palm Support w/Mouse Pad. I was really excited about trying this out.  I don't recall ever seeing a palm support quite like this.  Before I had received the product, I viewed it on and thought the mouse was actually attached; well, it's not and that's where I became disappointed.  First off, you have to peel away a sticker, from the elastic strap on both sides, to reveal a sticky substance which you will apply onto your mouse.  What I didn't like was that if you have it too loose then the palm support didn't move with the mouse very well.  I reapplied and at that point it was too tight and kept getting caught underneath the mouse causing the laser, on the bottom of the mouse, to not 'catch'..if you know what I mean.  The patented Health-V Channel reduces wrist pressure to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Microban antimicrobial protection helps keep glide and mouse pad surface clean.  The optical mouse-friendly mouse pad, which comes with the Memory Foam Gliding palm Support, ensures optimal performance.  The mouse pad, I did like.

I love the idea behind this product but just wasn't happy with it at all.  I would prefer that they somehow make this exact wrist rest permanently attached to the that, I would love.

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Anonymous said...

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elecwire monika said...

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Jay ward said...

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Asish Khanna said...

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kate reid said...

It would be so nice to try this one! I'm also having black thing in My wrists and I really don't want to see it. So maybe this would be perfect to use. Thanks!

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Ravi Kant said...

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surbhi jain said...

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