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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mineral Hygienics - A flawless complexion is just a few swipes away!

There are countless companies, out there, that claim to have the best mineral makeup money can buy.  Some do, most don't. I've had my fair share of great mineral makeup; I've had my fair share of not so great mineral makeup. Way back when, many years ago, I used to wear liquid foundation; liquid foundation is just way too heavy for my oily face. When I discovered mineral makeup I knew I as going to be a user for life. Though I stayed loyal to  the first brand of mineral makeup I had tried, I had to stray in hopes of finding something a little more  in my color range. I received the Sheer Mineral Foundation in Fairly Light (RV $25) and Light (RV $25), along with the Sheer Perfection in Matte (RV $19), Mineral Enhancer in Cool Kiss (RV $20) and a full color kabuki brush (RV $28) - I love how soft the bristles are on the kabuki brush!

The amount of mineral makeup available on the market will literally make your head spin. Which ones do you try; which ones do you stay away from? I vaguely remembering hearing about Mineral Hygienics; ah yes, just another mineral makeup add to the other 1.5 billion out there.  When I was given the opportunity to review some of their products, I was all for it! Heck yea, I'll give it a try, I mean what could it possibly hurt?!  It didn't hurt a thing I tell ya! Holy mineral makeup, my skin was completely transformed! The picture, on the left, is my face with absolutely nothing on it. The second picture was taken after applying Sheer Mineral Perfection in Light followed by Sheer Perfection Mineral Finish in Matte. The third picture is the full transformation including eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush and brow color - (those particular products were not from Mineral Hygienics). 

Please click the photo to enlarge!

As you can see from the picture on the left, you can see uneven color, a blemish on my nose, and darkness under the eyes. The picture in the middle, as stated above, was created using the Light mineral foundation followed by the Sheer Perfection Mineral Finish in Matte. Mineral Hygiences truly gives the look of flawless skin. Can you see the difference in the before and after? I'm definitely NOT into editing photos so, what you are seeing is the real deal! The staying power was fabulous. I was a little oily throughout the day, but with the help of Sheer Perfection Mineral Finish in Matte, it helped to absorb the oil; it can be reapplied throughout the day without caking up and clogging the pores. I even slept in the makeup and did not wake up with break-outs, as I tend to do when I sleep in my makeup.

I have very fair skin; currently, I have a ever so slight tan so the Sheer Mineral Foundation in Light was perfect. When I'm not tan, the Fairly Light is a perfect match for me.

I love the Mineral Enhancer in Cool Kiss. What this bronzer does is add a fresh glow to individuals with a cool skin tone. There are different shades of enhancers to enhance all skin tones. I just swapped it across my forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose and chin. I, personally, wouldn't really call it a bronzer as the color doesn't really look like the "normal" bronze color I'm used to but, I think I love it even more than my other bronzers. Some of my bronzers tend to make me look too dark, in comparison to the color of my neck. Cool Kiss was a perfect hint of color.

Looking for great coverage that matches your complexion perfectly? I would highly recommend you check out Mineral Hygienics. It's worth it when you have a 100% Iron Clad money back guarantee and a 100% color match guarantee! You just can't lose.

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Jessica said...

Wow that is an amazing difference! I need to try that out!

Angie Harris said...

Looks great and love this makeup. Thank you for sharing.

Melinda Dunne said...

Wow that looks great. I haven't had much luck with mineral make up but I might give this one a try!

Patty A said...

I love the difference! Looks great.

Casandra said...

Wow, I'm definately thinking about going back to mineral makeup. I currently use liquid and my face is suffering breakout after breakout. I will be checking out this brand!


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