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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A MUST vent post!

I don't normally do this but I'm very upset right now and MUST vent!  I have a question to ask...when you join blog hops are you not asking for followers? Whenever I join one, I'm asking for followers and when they follow me, I GLADLY follow back.  I don't ask for comments in addition to your "I'm following" comment.  I don't mind a simple I'm following and would like a follow back.  I guess that is just me.  With that said, I came across a blog hop that I joined.  I went down the list and followed a few random blogs and asked that they follow back..normal routine, right?  Ok, I got a very rude response to my usual happy and upbeat "I'm following" comment and was replied with "Make a few decent comments & I’ll think about it ;)"  I was very offended by that reply even though there was a "wink" at the end.  Should I not have been?  The blogger did the same thing to a couple of other people as well.  I do not understand the need to be rude.  I'm not a rude person, it's just not in my nature, but that really ticked me off and I felt the need to respond to her comment.  Needless to say, I'm no longer following that blogger.  I'm just curious as to how others feel about that.  Am I in the wrong?   Thanks for reading!  Comments are much appreciated!


Me said...

WOW....I would be offended!

Sheri said...

I think people think they can be rude and crude because they are able to "hide" behind a computer. They aren't happy, so why not be mean to others. I don't get it either, being rude without cause is not my nature.

Donna said...

You have every right to feel this way. It was very rude. The whole nature of a blog hop, as you said, is to gain followers -- nothing less, nothing more. If this blogger continues with this attitude, I'd say it would be safe to say... she won't be obtaining many followers. :)

Karla said...

Incredibly rude! And why participate on a blog hop if that's her attitude? I would have immediately unfollowed her as well.

Karla said...

Hey, do you want to follow me back? *giggle* I couldn't resist. ;P

Erin @ Table for {7} said...

Wow! No, that was very rude of that blogger. I would be upset too.

Rebecca said...

@karla, that made me LOL!

Skylar Magazine said...

Wow, that is rude. I think some of those bloggers have let their popularity go to their heads. They need to remember how they got there and what it was like when they first started out. Shame on her!

Stevie @ MooreBabies said...

IMO blog hops are generally a "I followed u, follow me please" sort of thing and should be expected when you join them.

Yes. Sounds super jerky to me.... but with the winky maybe that is their sense of humor.... like a joke.... as off putting as it may be?

No sense in following :)

RaeBeth said...

Personally, I join blog hops to find other blogs that I like. I'd rather see a meaningful comment posted by my followers over the short "I'm following you. Follow me." Yes I've done them in the past. Most of the time in addition to the one sentence "follow me and I'll follow you... I add more into what ever topic I am commenting on. Just so I can assure that person I am there as a loyal reader and not just looking for more numbers. Though when people do leave those comments, most of the time they venture back leaving meaningful comments anyway. In my opinion, I think the way that blogger handled it was rude. I would have checked out the blog (which I think yours is super cute) and seen that I like it. Then, followed. So I understand where you're coming from.


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